Species and genotypes of Cryptosporidium found in humans, listed according to frequency of reporting a

Report frequency and species or genotypeHost reservoir(s)GenBank accession no.
Complete SSU rDNA sequence available (∼1.75 kbp) (examples)COWP sequence (∼550 bp) (examples)LIB13DnaJ-like protein (HSP40)ITS2
    C. hominis Humans AF093489/L16997 GU904404, GU904390, GU904388, GU904389, GQ983374, GQ983372, DQ388389, EU186155 AF190627 AF400132 AF093012
    C. parvum Humans, ruminants AF093490, AF161856 DQ187314, DQ060433, DQ062120, JX547011, GU904402, GU904400, GU904398 B78618 AF400131 AF093008
    C. meleagridis Birds, mammals (including humans) AF112574 EU310392, DQ116568, JX568159, GU904403, AB471654, AY166840, AF248742 NA AF400133 AF381169
Less common
    C. canis Dog AF112576 AF266274 NANANA
    C. cuniculus (previously rabbit genotype)RabbitNA EU437411, GU327782, GU904391, GU904394 NANANA
    C. felis Cat AF112575 AF266263 NANA AF093013
    C. ubiquitum Various mammals AF442484 JX861404, JX861396, JX861405 NANANA
    C. viatorum HumansNA JX984441 NANANA
    C. andersoni Cattle AB089285, AY954885, AF093496 DQ060431, AB089289, AB514043, AB514044 NANANA
    C. bovis Cattle EF514234 NANANANA
    C. fayeri Red kangaroo AF112570 AF266269 NANANA
    C. muris Rodents AF093498 DQ060430, AB089287 NANA AF381167
    C. scrofarum PigNANANANANA
    C. suis Pig AF108861 AF266270 NANANA
    C. tyzzeri (previously, mouse genotype I)Mouse AF112571 NANANANA
    Chipmunk genotype IChipmunk, possibly other sciuridaeNA JX984442 NANANA
    Horse genotypeHorseNA EU437416 NANANA
    Monkey genotypeMonkey AF112569 NANANANA
    Skunk genotypeSkunk, possibly other mustelidsNANANANANA
  • a Selected information on nucleotide sequences for ribosomal genes (SSU rRNA and ITS2), Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein (COWP), LIB13, and DnaJ-like proteins (or heat shock protein 40 [HSP40]) currently available in GenBank is also shown. LIB13 is a Cryptosporidium-specific gene with unknown function. Abbreviations: SSU, small subunit; ITS, internal transcribed spacer; NA, not available.