Standard/reference strains for Cryptococcus gattii strain typing a

C. gattii PCR fingerprinting molecular type (reference) and AFLP genotype (reference)CBS strain designationATCC strain designationFGS strain designationWM strain designationCMRVS strain designationOther strain designation(s)MAT type and serotypeDescriptionReference(s)
VGI (40) and AFLP4 (33)CBS 10078ATCC MYA-456010419WM 17970298Bryon, H33.1, MH56αB1993, Sydney, NSW, Australia; clinical, CSF, HIV negative; isolated by Sharon C.-A. Chen 40, 154
CBS 6289ATCC 32269 WM 01.124 MUCL 30449, RV 20186, CBS 8273aB1966, Kinshasa, Congo; clinical, CSF; isolated by E. Gatti and R. Eeckels; type strain of C. neoformans var. gattii 199
CBS 10510 WM 276 TCS, SC1αB1993, Mt. Annan National Park, NSW, Australia; environmental, Eucalyptus tereticornis woody debris; isolated by Tania C. Sorrell and Sharon C.-A. Chen; genome sequence strain 40
VGII (40) and AFLP6 (22)CBS 10082ATCC MYA-456110420WM 1787030249435, Colter, IFM 50894αB1991, Sydney, NSW Australia; clinical, CSF, HIV negative; isolated by Sharon C.-A. Chen 40, 154
CBS 10514 WM 02.32 CDC R265αB2001, Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada; clinical, bronchial wash specimen; isolated by British Columbia CDC; highly virulent Vancouver Island outbreak strain of VGIIa; genome sequence strain 38
VGIII (40) and AFLP5 (22)CBS 10081ATCC MYA-456210421WM 17570299WM 161, E698, 689, TP 0689, D1.13HαB1992, Blind Recreation Center/Park Boulevard UPAS Street, San Diego, CA, USA; environmental, Eucalyptus species woody debris; isolated by Tania Pfeiffer and David Ellis 40, 100
CBS 6955ATCC 3260810424WM 01.125 DBVPG 6225, WM 2220, MUCL 30454, NIH 191, CBS 6916aCBefore 1970, San Fernando, CA, USA; clinical, CSF 2
VGIV (40) and AFLP7 (56)CBS 10101ATCC MYA-456310422WM 77970300King Cheetah, IFM 50896αC1994, Johannesburg, South Africa; veterinary, cheetah; isolated by Valerie Davis 40, 389
  • a Adapted from reference 43.