Molecular sizes and lipophilicities of antimicrobial agents and their relation with the effect of acrAB deletion on MICs in E. coli K-12a

AgentMolecular weightLipophilicity (XlogP3)cMIC (μg/ml) for strain
Lipophilic and/or large agents
    Cloxacillinb 4362.42562
    Fusidic acid5175.54003.125
Small and hydrophilic agents
    Cephalothinb 396−0.444
    Cefoxitinb 4270.041
    Ceftazidimeb 5470.40.120.12
    Imipenemb 317−
    Nalidixic acid2321.43.131.56
  • a The MIC data are mostly from reference 27.

  • b MIC data are from reference 188.

  • c The values of logP (the logarithm of the partition coefficient between n-octanol and water) are from PubChem ( based on the calculation by the XlogP3 method.