Human blood group systemsc

CDaBlood group system Gene Protein function(s)No. of molecules per RBCd
Group no.NameSymbolNo. of AgsbChromosomeDesignation(s)
e 001ABOABO49q34.2 ABO Glycosyltransferase0–1 million
CD235002MNSMNS464q31.21 GYPA Red cell zeta potentialGYPA, 1 million; GYPB, 250,000
GYPB Band 3-ankyrin complex
Junctional complex
CD77003P1PKP1PK422q13.2 A4GALT1 α1,4-Galactosyltransferase
CD240004RhRh521p36.11 RHD Ammonium transport100,00–200,000 trimers
RHCE Band 3 metabolon
CD239005LutheranLutheran2019q13.32 LU Laminin receptor, erythroid maturation1,500–4,000
CD238006KellKEL347q34 KEL Endothelin-3-converting enzyme3,500–18,000
007LewisLE619p13.3 FUT3 α3/4-FucosyltransferaseAdsorbed from plasma
CD234008DuffyFY51q23.2 DARC Chemokine receptor6,000–13,000
009KiddJK318q12.3 SLC14A1 Urea transport14,000
CD233010DiegoDI2217q21.31 SLC4A1 Band 3/AE1/anion exchange, membrane-cytoskeleton stability, band 3 metabolon-gas exchange, RBC senescence1 million dimers, tetramers
011CartwrightYT27q22.1 ACHE Acetylcholinesterase7,000–10,000
CD99012XgXG2Xp22.33 XG, MIC2 Adhesion molecule200–2,000
013SciannaSC71p34.2 ERMAP Unknown, adhesion?Unknown
CD297014DombrockDO812p12.3 ART4 ADP-ribosyltransferaseUnknown, likely raft associated
015ColtonCO47p14.3 AQP1 Water transport, band 3 metabolon120,000–160,000 tetramers
CD242016Landsteiner-WienerLW319p13.2 ICAM4 Adhesion molecule2,800–4,400
017Chido/RodgersCH/RG96p21.3 C4A, C4B Complement C4Adsorbed from plasma
CD173018HH119q13.33 FUT1 α1,2-Fucosyltransferase, type 2 H antigen
(SEf)H119q13.33 FUT2 α1,2-Fucosyltransferase, type 1, 3, and 4 H antigens, secretor (ABH, Leb)
019KxKX1Xp21.1 XK Unknown1,000
CD236020GerbichGE112q14.3 GYPC Glycophorins C and D, junctional complex protein, lateral membrane stabilityGYPC, 135,000; GYPD, 50,000
CD55021CromerCROM161q32.2 CD55 DAF, complement regulation20,000, raft associated
CD35022KnopsKN91q32.2 CR1 Complement receptor 1, complement regulation20–1,500
CD44023IndianIN411p13 CD44 Cell adhesion2,000–5,000
CD147024OkOK319p13.3 BSG Basigin, RBC trafficking and senescence, cytophilin receptor, cell adhesion and signaling3,000
CD151025RaphRAPH111p15.5 CD151 Tetraspanin, cell adhesionUnknown, likely raft associated
CD108026John Milton HagenJMH615q24.1 SEMA7A T-cell-mediated inflammation, integrin receptor (α1β1)Unknown, likely raft associated
027II16p24.2 GCNT2 β1,6-N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase
028GlobosideGLOB23q26.1 B3GALNT1 β1,3-N-Acetylgalactosaminyltransferase>10% RBC lipids, 70% RBC GSLs
029GillGIL19p13.3 AQP3 Aquaglyceroporin; water, glycerol, peroxide transport25,000
CD241030Rh-associated glycoproteinRHAG46p21-qter RHAG Ammonium transport, associated RhD and RhCE100,000–200,000 trimers
031ForssmanFORS19q34.13 GBGT1 α1,3-N-AcetylgalactosaminyltransferaseRare expression
CD338032JrJR14q22 ABCG2 ATP-dependent transport, multidrug resistance, folate homeostasisUnknown
033LanLAN12q36 ABCG6 Porphyrin/heme transportUnknown
034VelVEL11p36.32 SMIM1 Regulation of red cell formationUnknown
  • a CD, cluster designation.

  • b Number of RBC antigens recognized by the ISBT.

  • c See references 1 and 2.

  • d No. of blood group-active proteins or glycans per red cell.

  • e —, no CD designation.

  • f SE, Secretor. Secretor is related to H but has no official ISBT designation.