P blood group phenotypes

TypeIncidence (%)Glycosyltransferase geneaGSL expressed on RBCcAntibody
P1 80b ++0+++++tr++
P2 20b ++0+++++tr+0 Anti-P1
LKE-S80–90b , d ++0+++++tr++/0
LKE-W10–20b , d ++0+++++tr+/0
LKE-N1–2b , d ++0+++++trtr+/0 Anti-LKE (raree)
P1 k Rare+00+++++000+ Anti-P
P2 k Rare+00+++++0000 Anti-P
pRare0+0+++00000PX2Anti-PP1Pk (Tja)
Apae Rare++++++++NANA+/0Fors
  • a Inheritance of at least one functional glycosyltransferase gene (+).

  • b Incidence in the U.S. white population. See Table 1 for distributions in other populations.

  • c Relative GSL expression on red cells. See Table 7 and Fig. 5 for structures and biosynthetic relationships. ↓, decreased; tr, trace.

  • d LKE frequencies as summarized by Cooling and Kelly (360). Note that LKE is independent of P1 expression. The LKE type can occur on either the P1 or P2 background.

  • e See reference 363.