Osteoarticular infections and the percentage caused by Staphylococcus aureus a

Type of osteoarticular infection and referenceStudy typeNo. of cases (no. of cases with microbiologic diagnosis)RegionTime period (yr)PopulationPredominant causative organism% of infections caused by S. aureus (% caused by MRSA)
Nonvertebral osteomyelitis
    382 Prospective observational, single center166Oxford, UK Chronic OMMSSA32
    383 Retrospective, single center454 (454)USA1982–1998Adults treated at HITH; 52% diabetic foot infections, 6% vertebral infections, 19% long bone infectionsMSSA54
Vertebral osteomyelitis
    384 Retrospective70 (44)St. Louis, MO, USA Adults with hematogenous VOMMSSA55 (22)
    385 Retrospective137Denmark1978–1982Adults with hematogenous VOM
    386 Retrospective, multicenter253Cleveland, OH, USA1950–1994All ages with VOMMSSA49
    387 Retrospective, single center129 (74)Cambridge, UK1998–2008All ages with VOMMSSA51
    388 Retrospective, single center58Sweden1990–2005All ages with VOMMSSA34
Native joint septic arthritis
    393 Retrospective233Switzerland1999–2008Adults with hematogenous NJSAMSSA49.3 (4.7)
    394 Retrospective81 (59)Cambodia2007–2011Children with NJSA and OMMSSA49 (2)
    395 Retrospective, single center44 (24)Victoria, Australia Children with acute NJSAMSSA76 (8)
    396 Retrospective, single center53Japan1955–2005Adults with hematogenous NJSAMSSA
    397 Retrospective, single center65 (28)Saudi Arabia1997–2006Children with NJSAMSSA39
    398 Retrospective, single center110Israel1987–2003Adults with NJSAMSSA40
Prosthetic joint infection
    402 Retrospective, 10 hospitals147Victoria, Australia2006–2008Early-onset infectionsMSSA53
    403 Prospective, 9 hospitals50Spain2004–2006Adults with hematogenous PJIMSSA38
    404 Prospective, single center38 (27)Norway1998–2005Adults with early hip PJIMSSA37
    405 Prospective, single center152 (90)Oxford, UK Adults with PJI having 2-stage replacementsCoNS18
    403 Prospective, 9 hospitals139 (132)Spain2004–2006Adults with early PJIMSSA40 (12)
    406 Retrospective, single center112Oxford, UK1998–2003Adults with PJI treated with DAIRMSSA73 (8)
  • a OM, osteomyelitis; VOM, vertebral osteomyelitis; MSSA, methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus; MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; CoNS, coagulase-negative Staphylococcus; HITH, hospital in the home; PJI, prosthetic joint infection; DAIR, debridement and implant retention; NJSA, native joint septic arthritis.