Case series and surveillance studies of PVL+ SCCmec type IV- or V-bearing community MRSA infections reported in Europe indicating the genetic backgrounds identified

Country and/or cityCollection detailsYrNo. of MRSA isolates testedNo. (%) of PVL+ isolatesMolecular typing results for PVL+ isolatesReference
FinlandCA-MRSA from national reporting system2004-200629890 (30)ST80-IV/t044, ST8-IV/t008, ST30-IV/t019, ST1-IV/t127, miscellaneous types 459
IrelandMRSA from national reference collection1999-20051,38925 (1.8)aST5, ST8, ST22, ST30, ST80, ST154 778
DenmarkSample of isolates from CA-MRSA patientsb in Denmark collected by the Statens Serum Institut1999-2006244163 (66.8)MLST clonal clusters CC1, CC5, CC8, CC22, CC30, CC59, CC80, CC88, CC152/377, CC398, miscellaneous CCs 509
Lyon, FranceCA-MRSA and CA-MSSA infections; case series1999-2001141413 shared PFGE type; 1 differed by 1 band 247
Fréjus-Saint Raphaël, FranceCommunity-onset MRSA disease at 1 hospital1999-200321c6c (28.6)5 same PFGE type as dominant strain in reference 247; 1 differed by 1 band; all agr type 3 225
Geneva, SwitzerlandSSTI patients with no health care exposure from private physicians' offices in city2002107 (70)6 PFGE pulsotypes 534
Geneva, SwitzerlandCA-MRSA isolates (i.e., from patients with no hospitalization in past 12 mo and nonstandard antibiogram) from 1 hospital2002-200515160 (39.7)ST1, ST5, ST8, ST30, ST59, ST80, ST152 299
London, EnglandCiprofloxacin-susceptible MRSA strains from 2 hospitals2000-200619449 (25.3)24 spa types, ST1, ST8, ST59, ST80 694
England and Wales S. aureus isolates from clinical infections; reference collection2002-2003470d23 (4.9); 12 were MRSA11 MRSA isolates, ST8 (n = 1), ST22 (n = 1), ST30 (n = 1), ST80 (n = 10) 401
England and WalesCiprofloxacin-susceptible strains isolated from boils, abscesses, and pneumonia from centers across England and Wales2005-20061,087275 (25.3)CC1 (n = 13), CC5 (n = 10), CC8 (n = 70), CC22 (n = 33), CC30 (n = 49), CC59 (n = 4), CC80 (n = 88), ST93 (n = 1) 257
AustriaLarge reference collection2001-20061,15094 (8.2)ST5, ST8 (32%), ST22, ST30, ST80, ST152 (17%), ST777 490
Vienna, AustriaMRSA isolates obtained at 1 hospital from patients with colonization or infection resistant only to β-lactams or β-lactams and fusidic acid1999-20074116 (39)9 spa types (t021, t975, t3140, t3150, t044, t376, t3149, t3256, t1028) 48
Madrid, SpainPVL+ MRSA infections in an emergency department (9 SSTIs, 1 bacteremia, 2 asymptomatic colonization, and 1 otitis media)2004-20071313ST5, ST8, ST80 147
Dresden, GermanySSTIs with PVL+ strains2004-200533ST8, ST80 619; S. Monecke, personal communication
Örebro County, SwedenClinical PVL+ isolates (4 SSTIs, 1 joint, 1 pleural effusion)2001-200566ST8, ST36, ST80, ST152, ST154, ST256 62
  • a All PVL+ isolates were from 2002 to 2005.

  • b CA-MRSA infections had their onset in the community or were cultured <48 h after hospital admission, and the patients had no stay in a hospital or long-term care facility for 12 months.

  • c Six patients with SSTI and no health care exposure had infections with PVL+ MRSA strains among 21 patients with community-onset MRSA infections.

  • d This is the number of S. aureus isolates; the authors did not report how many were MRSA isolates.