Intraventricular application of antibiotics to reach effective concentrations within the CNSa

AntibioticDose for adultsSevere reported side effect(s)
Gentamicin5 mg every 24 hHearing loss (temporary), epileptic seizures, aseptic meningitis, eosinophilic CSF pleocytosis
Tobramycin5 mg every 24 hSimilar to those of gentamicin
Amikacin30 mg every 24 hSimilar to those of gentamicin
StreptomycinUp to 1 mg/kg every (24-)48 hHearing loss (temporary), epileptic seizures, radiculitis, transverse myelitis, arachnoiditis, paraplegia
Vancomycin5-20 mg every 24 hHearing loss (temporary)
Colistin (polymyxin E) methanesulfonate (12,500 IU = 1mg)10 (1.6-20) mg every 24 hMeningeal inflammation; with high doses, epileptic seizures, loss of appetite, agitation, eosinophilia, edema, pain, albuminuria
Daptomycin5-10 mg every 72 hFever
Amphotericin B0.1-0.5 mg every 24 hTinnitus, fever, shivering, Parkinson syndrome
  • a Doses according to references 32, 64, 243, and 272 and our own limited clinical experience.