Reported nosocomial Bacillus cereus infections, 1993 to 2009a

YrReference(s)No. of patientsInfection risk factor(s)Source(s) of infectionOutcome
19932316 ventilated patients in medical/surgical ICUVentilation/ICU, bacteremia, pneumoniaVentilation equipment1 died
199410, 112Meningitis postneurosurgeryContaminated hospital linen in ORExpired
20001343 neonatesBacteremia, meningitis, preterm (neonates immunosuppressed)Balloons used in manual ventilation, hands of nursing staff1 died
2000-20053816, 5 studied in detailBacteremia, cecal cancer, esophageal cancer, chronic kidney failure, cholangitis, ALLCatheters, reused dried and steamed towels, washing machines in hospital linen rooms5 case vignettes presented; antibiotics administered, outcomes not given
2003641Bacteremia cholecystectomyNutrition via central catheterSurvived
2004441 (ALL)Bacteremia (ALL)Contaminated tea bagsNot given, survived(?)
20061063 (AML)Bacteremia (AML), pneumonia (AML), bacteremia (AML), pneumonia (AML), septicemia (AML)Nonsterile cotton wool used for skin disinfectionDied (ventilation-associated pneumonia)
20098218Bacteremia, malignancy, COPD, CVAGauze, catheter tip, hospital environment, steamed towel, and alcoholic cotton potNot given
  • a ICU, intensive care unit; ALL, acute lymphocytic leukemia; AML, acute myelogenous leukemia; CVA, cardiovascular accident; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.