Reported nosocomial Bacillus cereus infections, 1993 to 2009a

YrReference(s)No. of patientsInfection risk factor(s)Source(s) of infectionOutcome
1993 23 16 ventilated patients in medical/surgical ICUVentilation/ICU, bacteremia, pneumoniaVentilation equipment1 died
1994 10, 112Meningitis postneurosurgeryContaminated hospital linen in ORExpired
2000 134 3 neonatesBacteremia, meningitis, preterm (neonates immunosuppressed)Balloons used in manual ventilation, hands of nursing staff1 died
2000-2005 38 16, 5 studied in detailBacteremia, cecal cancer, esophageal cancer, chronic kidney failure, cholangitis, ALLCatheters, reused dried and steamed towels, washing machines in hospital linen rooms5 case vignettes presented; antibiotics administered, outcomes not given
2003 64 1Bacteremia cholecystectomyNutrition via central catheterSurvived
2004 44 1 (ALL)Bacteremia (ALL)Contaminated tea bagsNot given, survived(?)
2006 106 3 (AML)Bacteremia (AML), pneumonia (AML), bacteremia (AML), pneumonia (AML), septicemia (AML)Nonsterile cotton wool used for skin disinfectionDied (ventilation-associated pneumonia)
2009 82 18Bacteremia, malignancy, COPD, CVAGauze, catheter tip, hospital environment, steamed towel, and alcoholic cotton potNot given
  • a ICU, intensive care unit; ALL, acute lymphocytic leukemia; AML, acute myelogenous leukemia; CVA, cardiovascular accident; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.