Seminal events in the history of the genus Aeromonas

DateMilestone or achievementCommentReference
1891Genus linked to bacteremic (“red leg”) disease of frogsNo extant cultures of isolate; presumed to be Aeromonas 78
1943Taxonomy and classification of Aeromonas hydrophila definedSeparation from rods with polar flagella 275
1951First association of genus with human infection (fulminant metastatic myositis) Aeromonas recovered from autopsy samples 29
1968First major medical report describing an association of the genus Aeromonas with a variety of human infections28 cases reported; septicemia associated with liver disease (Laennec's cirrhosis) 291
1981Genus contains multiple distinct species within the mesophilic groupDNA relatedness studies based upon 55 strains 237
1986 Aeromonas phylogenetically distinct from vibriosBased upon 5S and 16S rRNA gene sequencing; proposed new family (Aeromonadaceae) 49
2006Complete genome sequence (4.7 Mb) of Aeromonas hydrophila ATCC 7966TType strain of type species of the genus; lack of fluidity in mobile elements; clues regarding environmental metabolic repertoire 261