Definitions for sepsis and organ failure

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome≥2 of the following signs and symptoms: WBC count of >12,000 cells /mm3 or <4,000 cells/mm3 or >10% immature forms; body temp of >38°C (100.4°F) or <36°C (96.8°F); pulse of >90 beats per min; respiratory rate of >20 breaths per min; or PaCO2 of <32 mm Hg
SepsisSIRS due to suspected or confirmed infection
Severe sepsisSepsis complicated by organ dysfunction, hypoperfusion, or hypotension
Septic shockSepsis with hypotension despite adequate fluid resuscitation along with presence of perfusion abnormalities
Multiple-organ-dysfunction syndrome (MODS)Signs and symptoms of severe multiple-organ dysfunction
  • a Definitions reported in this table were derived from data reported in reference 104. WBC, white blood cells.