Malaria chemotherapeutic terminology

Blood schizontocidesDrugs aimed at asexual blood-stage parasites to effect a cure of clinical malaria
Primary tissue schizontocideDrug aimed at primary asexual liver-stage parasites to prevent primary blood infection
HypnozoitocideDrugs aimed at latent asexual liver-stage parasites (hypnozoites) to prevent recurrent infection of blood, called a relapse
GametocytocideDrugs aimed at sexual blood-stage parasites to prevent infection of mosquitoes
SporontocideDrug aimed at stages of sporogonic development in the mosquito, including sporozoites
Radical cureElimination of clinically relevant forms of the parasite from the body using one or more drugs
Suppressive prophylaxisChemical suppression of patent parasitemia by a drug or drugs that are active against asexual blood stages
Causal prophylaxisPrevention of infection of blood with a drug or drugs that are active against asexual liver stages
Presumptive antirelapse therapyPresumptive treatment with a hypnozoitocide following exposure to infection, also called terminal prophylaxis
RelapseNew parasitemia originating from hypnozoites
ReinfectionNew parasitemia originating from new infectious mosquito bite
RecrudescenceNew parasitemia originating from the original parasitemia
RecurrenceNew parasitemia of unknown origin