Milestones in the history of diphyllobothriosis

10000-4000 BCEarliest evidence of human infection (Peru)137
4000 BCEggs of Diphyllobothrium in France and Germany42, 62, 86
1592 ADFirst recognizable description (T. Dunus in Locarno, Switzerland)158
1747 ADFirst recognition of the link between the parasite and fish by H. D. Spöring127
1758 ADThe species named as Taenia lata by C. Linnaeus90
1819 ADFirst scientific description of D. latum (as Bothriocephalus latus)24
End of the 19th centuryElucidation of transmission to humans through consumption of infected fish23, 103, 123
1917 ADElucidation of the role of copepods as first intermediate hosts68