Allergens of Anisakis simplex

NameMolecular mass (kDa)LocalizationAllergen classReference(s)
Ani s 1a21-24ESHomology with a Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor 18, 47, 104, 187, 230, 247
Ani s 297SomaticParamyosin 108, 212
Ani s 341SomaticTropomyosin 22, 108, 231
Ani s 49ESCysteine protease inhibitor 229
Ani s 515ESSXP/RAL protein 158
Ani s 6ESSerine protease inhibitor 158
Ani s 7139-154ESGlycoprotein 164, 228
Ani s 815ESSXP/RAL protein 159
  • a Ani s 1 is a major allergen that should not be confused with another 21-kDa minor allergen, the encoding cDNA of which was cloned, this protein was also named Ani s 1 at the same time by Arrieta et al. (18) and is a protein of a different structure (belonging to the nematode troponin family).