Management and treatment of 78 cases of polycystic echinococcosis and 3 cases of unicystic echinococcosis with sufficient information

Clinical disease typeaNo. of patients with indicated treatment or outcomeNo. of patients who died after study completion
Lapa/biopsybSurgeryAlbendazole aloneDied of PEcAutopsy findingCalcified cystsTotal (% of all patients)
I71705130 (37)1
II08444121 (26)5
III03133111 (14)3
IV37011113 (16)
V33 (4)
VI2 (2)
VII1 (1)
Total10d3551393381 (100)9
  • a Note that types VI and VII represent unicystic echinococcosis.

  • b Lapa, laparotomy.

  • c PE, polycystic echinococcosis.

  • d One Costa Rican case was excluded from the total because rostellar hooks were not found.