Frequency of clinical characteristics of polycystic and unicystic neotropical echinococcoses according to species

Clinical type of echinococcosisClinical presentationNo. of cases
E. vogeliE. cf. vogeliaE. oligarthrusE. granulosusTotal (%)c
    ICysts in the liver and abdominal cavity19110130 (37)
    IICysts in the liver and abdominal cavity plus hepatic insufficiency9120021 (26)
    IIICysts in the liver and lung/chest470011 (14)
    IVCysts only in the mesentery of the intestine or of the stomach940013 (16)
    VCalcified cysts in the liver and lungb12003 (4)
    VICysts only in the orbit00202 (2)
    VIICysts only in the heart00101 (1)
Total42363181 (100)
  • a E. cf. vogeli causes infections with polycystic lesions but with no hooks found.

  • b The total number of these patients with liver cysts was 66/81 (81%), and the number with lung cysts was 11/81 (14%).

  • c Excludes the E. granulosus case.