Food fish and cephalopods reported to have been eaten by allergic patients suffering from anaphylaxis in Spain

Host speciesNo. of outbreaks from indicated citya
Total no. of patientsCNCCa (A)
Hake (Merluccius merluccius)2322222
Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus)1685118
Codfish (Gadus morhua)77
Tuna (Sarda sarda) and striped tunny (Thunnus thynnus)664
Sardine (Sardina pilchardus)31311
Squid (Illex coindetii and Toradopsis eblanae)3
Horse mackerel (Trachurus picturatus)31
Megrim (Lepidorhombus boscii)2
  • a C, cooked fish eaten; NC, fish eaten was not cooked; Ca, canned fish eaten; A, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country, Spain) (27); B, Burgos (Castilla-León Comunity, Spain) (99). Note that the total number of patients is not necessarily the sum of C plus NC plus Ca because some cases presented more than one episode of allergy with different fish preparations.