Outcome of 78 human cases of polycystic echinococcosis

Outcome or parameterNo. (%) of cases
Uncomplicated surgery35 (45)
Death due to surgical accident5 (6)
Death due to polycystic echinococcosis during the study and after the study ended18 (23)
Total mortality23 (29)
Treatment with albendazole alone13 (16)
    Success (Meneghelli et al., 1992 [44])6a
    No action on cysts (Almeida et al., 1997 [2])1/1
    Improved symptoms (Pastora et al., 2003 [52])2/2
    Improvement/US negative at 1 yr (Pieres et al. [53])1/1
    Improvement (Soares et al., 2004 [76])5/5b
Total cured5 (6)
Total nondead cases59 (76)
  • a Two cases achieved partial success (one later died, one was albendazole resistant), and four achieved full success (patients did not complete follow-up).

  • b Patients did not complete follow-up.