In vivo data for treatment of experimental Scedosporium infection

SpeciesAnimal modelInfection, CFU/animalImmunosuppressionChemotherapyDosage (mg/kg)dProlonged survival (%)Fungal burden reductionReference
S. prolificans Mousei.v., 5 × 104CyclophosphamideLiposomal amphotericin B10, 20; q.d. i.v.60cYes 45
Caspofungin10, 20; q.d. i.v.30No
Rabbiti.v., 107NoAmphotericin B0.8; q.d. i.v.50Yes
Albaconazole (UR-9825)25, 50; p.o.50-100Yes (eradication) 65
S. apiospermum Mousei.v., 4 × 106aCyclophosphamide +Amphotericin B0.31-2.5; q.d. i.p.0No eradication 322
    mechlorethamineItraconazole2.5-20; q.d. i.p.0No eradication
i.v., 2 × 106aCyclophosphamideAmphotericin B1.25; q.d. i.p.40-50No eradication
Itraconazole2.5; q.d. i.p.10-40bNo eradication
Mousei.v., 105CyclophosphamidePosaconazole25; b.i.d., 30-50; q.d. p.o.70-75Yes 163
Fluconazole20; b.i.d. p.o.55Yes
Itraconazole30; t.i.d. p.o.No significantNo
Mousei.v., 104Cyclophosphamide +Amphotericin B0.8-1.5; q.d. i.p.0No
    fluorouracilVoriconazole40; q.d. p.o.50Yes 64
Mousei.v. or i.c., 5Cyclophosphamide +Liposomal amphotericin B40; q.d. i.v.0NAe 63
    × 104    fluorouracilAmphotericin B0.8; q.d. i.v.0NA
Guinea pigi.v., 7 × 105CyclophosphamideAmphotericin B1.5; q.d. i.p.0No 62
Voriconazole5, 10, 20; q.d. p.o.30-100Yes
  • a The inoculum is expressed as CFU/kg.

  • b The same outcome was observed with higher inoculums and no immunosuppression.

  • c Using a higher inoculum of 2.3 × 106 CFU/animal, liposomal amphotericin B was ineffective.

  • d q.d., once daily; p.o., orally; i.p., intraperitoneally; b.i.d., twice a day; t.i.d., three times a day.

  • e NA, not available.