Genes and gene products for selected H. influenzae resistance mechanismsa

GeneGene product and description
bla TEM TEM type β-lactamase; can be specified, as in blaTEM-1, to signify the gene associated with a specific TEM β-lactamase, such as TEM-1
bla ROB-1 ROB-1 β-lactamase (although variants of this gene and enzyme have not been described, it is usual to use the suffix-1 with the gene and enzyme)
ftsI PBP3 (see the text for discussion on PBP3A and PBPB)
dacA PBP5
dacB PBP4
acrA/acrB AcrAB efflux pump
acrR AcrR (repressor for AcrAB efflux pump)
tet(B)Tet(B) tetracycline efflux protein
tet(M), tet(K)Tet(M) and Tet(K) ribosomal protection proteins (reported only from non-H. influenzae Haemophilus spp.)
cat Chloramphenicol acetyltransferase
  • a Compiled from references 24, 53, 71, 72, 117, 136, and 149.