Commercially available antigen assays for the diagnosis of amebiasis

TestSensitivity, % (reference)Specificity, % (reference)ManufacturerDetection limit
TechLab E. histolytica IIa96.9-100,b 14.2 (61),c 87.5 (76),d 86 (76),e 71 (201), 95 (80),f 79 (153)g94.7-100,b 98.3 (61),c 100 (76),d 98 (76),e 100 (201), 93.0 (80),f 96 (153)gTechLab, Blacksburg, VA0.2-0.4 ng of adhesion per well
Entamoeba CELISA-PATHa95-100b93-100bCellabs Pty Ltd., Brookvale, Australia0.2-0.4 ng of adhesion per well
Optimum S Entamoeba histolytica antigen ELISAa100 (134)NPhMerlin Diagnostika, Berheim-Hersel, GermanyNot given
Triage parasite paneli96.0 (58),j 68.3 (133),k 100 (167)l99.1 (58),j 100 (133),k 100 (167)lBIOSITE Diagnostics, San Diego, CANot given
ProSpecT Entamoeba histolytica microplate assayi87,m 54.5 (61),c 78 (128)n99,m 94 (61),c 99 (128)nREMEL Inc., Lenexa, KSo40 ng/ml of E. histolytica-specific antigen
  • a Specific for E. histolytica.

  • b Sensitivity and specificity compared to culture/zymodeme, as cited by the manufacturer.

  • c Sensitivity and specificity compared to culture and microscopy.

  • d Compared to isoenzyme analysis.

  • e Compared to culture.

  • f Compared to culture and microscopy.

  • g Compared to real-time PCR.

  • h NP, not published.

  • i Cannot distinguish between E. histolytica and E. dispar.

  • j Compared to permanent staining with trichrome and modified acid-fast stains.

  • k Compared to ProSpecT Entamoeba histolytica microplate assay.

  • l Compared to ovum and parasite examination.

  • m As mentioned by the manufacturer, related to ovum and parasite identifications.

  • n Compared to microscopy (wet mounts and concentration).

  • o Previously manufactured by Alexon-Trend, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA.