Estimated annual number of cases and associated deaths due to nosocomial BSIs with Candida species in the United Statesa

Total nosocomial infection rate (%)Total no. of:
Nosocomial infectionsbNosocomial BSIscNosocomial BSIs due to CandidadDeaths due to Candida BSIse
  • a Adapted from reference 308 with permission. © 2005 by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. All rights reserved.

  • b Assumes that 35 million patients are hospitalized in the United States each year in critical care settings.

  • c Assumes that 10% of all nosocomial infections are BSIs.

  • d Assumes that 8% of all nosocomial BSIs are due to Candida species.

  • e Assumes a 40% mortality rate associated with Candida BSIs.