Trends in in vitro resistance to fluconazole among Candida spp. determined by CLSI disk diffusion testing over a 6.5-year period (ARTEMIS DISK Surveillance Program, 1997-2003)a

SpeciesIsolates resistant to fluconazole (zone ≤ 14 mm)b
C. albicans16,5140.814,6770.87,9611.514,2681.015,1471.520,5761.4
C. glabrata 2,47518.52,04722.81,11214.32,43118.32,63514.73,97416.9
C. tropicalis 1,0364.21,1173.58433.11,6343.01,8386.62,4875.0
C. parapsilosis 9552.01,0282.86502.91,5014.21,6323.92,4063.0
C. krusei 37256.545971.537668.154470.463978.988480.2
C. guilliermondii 1116.31689.58826.116311.723910.52608.1
C. lusitaniae 1152.6994.0621.61226.61314.62112.4
C. kefyr 340.0844.8643.1862.3875.71712.9
C. rugosa 728.6714.32142.915130.515066.011661.2
C. famata 1947.4519.85313.25414.811010.98911.2
Candida spp.c89415.51,2607.143710.17229.61,9535.21,60511.4
  • a Isolates from all specimen types and all hospital locations in 127 institutions. Data are from the study of Pfaller et al. (221).

  • b Fluconazole disk diffusion testing performed in accordance with CLSI guideline M44-A (170). n, number of isolates.

  • c Species not identified.