Cost of treatments for VL in India

ParameterDrug regimena
SAG, 20 mg/kg/dayAB, 1 mg/kg/alternate daysABLC, 2 mg/kg/dayL-amB, 5 mg/kgL-amB, 7.5 mg/kgMiltefosine, 100 mg/dailyABLC, 2 mg/kg/day
Duration of therapy (days)3030511287.5
Cost of drug (30 kg) (US$)2158.5675600900145 + 3.5450
Total hospital cost (US$)35036874242462 + 1085
Initial cost (US$)371426.5749624924220.5535
Treatment failureb (%)60310101065
Final cost per patientc (US$)634.4439792.9667.9967.9246.84556.95
  • a SAG, sodium antimony gluconate; AB, amphotericin B; L-amB, liposomal amphotericin B; ABLC, amphotericin B lipid complex. Miltefosine costs are based upon observed therapy with the cost of supervision plus, for women in the child-bearing age group, the cost of contraception (for example, depot hormone preparation effective for 3 months). Cost of counselling estimated at US$10 and contraception for 1-month treatment and 3-month posttreatment at US$3.5.

  • b All treatment failure patients retreated with conventional amphotericin B.

  • c (Initial cost per patient × 100 patients) + (cost of retreating failures)/100.