Functional annotation of predicted proteins based on genome sequence analysis of B. pertussis strain Tohama I, B. parapertussishu strain 12822 and B. bronchiseptica strain RB50

Functional annotationaNo. of proteins with assigned COGs inb:
B. pertussis (3,436)B. parapertussishu (4,185)B. bronchiseptica (4,994)
Information storage and processing
    Translation, ribosomal structure, and biogenesis162191201
    DNA replication, recombination, and repair337143133
    RNA processing11
    Chromatin structure and dynamics445
Cellular processes
    Cell division and chromosome partitioning303035
    Posttranslational modification, protein turnover, chaperones100132140
    Cell envelope biogenesis, outer membrane175208226
    Cell motility and secretion576482
    Inorganic ion transport and metabolism176203249
    Signal transduction mechanisms73102116
    Intracellular trafficking and secretion525964
    Defense mechanisms253141
    Energy production and conversion212284352
    Carbohydrate transport and metabolism139197237
    Amino acid transport and metabolism352475556
    Nucleotide transport and metabolism505960
    Coenzyme metabolism107114121
    Lipid metabolism141200253
    Secondary metabolites biosynthesis, transport and catabolism98143172
Poorly characterized
    General function prediction only275350402
    Unknown function286432516
    Undetermined COGs315401591
Total no. of proteins with assigned COGs3,1213,7844,403