Variation in clinical pattern of melioidosis worldwide

Clinical presentation% of patients in:
Royal Darwin Hospital series (1989-1999; n = 252) (111)Singapore series (1989-1996; n = 331)a (191)Kuala Lumpur series (1976-1991; n = 50)b (346)Infectious Diseases Association of Thailand series (n = 686)c (344)Sapprasithiprasong Hospital series (1986-1987; n = 63)b (74)
Pneumonia or pleural effusion58NRd584523
Genitourinary infection19NR1078
Skin or soft tissue infection17NR241313
Neurological melioidosis or brain abscess4NR63NR
Splenic abscess4NR22NR
Liver abscess2NR47NR
Other intra-abdominal3NR45NR
Prostatic abscess18 (of males)NRNR0.3NR
Parotid abscess0NRNR2NR
Bone or joint4NR1254
Pericardial effusion1NR23NR
No clinical focus10NRNRNR51
Septic shock20NR16NR30
  • a Culture-confirmed cases only.

  • b Bacteremic cases only.

  • c Summary of reported cases presented in 1985 from Khon Kaen Hospital (1982 to 1985), Ubon Ratchathani (1982 to 1985), Srinagarind Hospital (1978 to 1985), Nakorn Ratchsima (1983 to 1985), Chulalongkorn Hospital Bangkok (1980 to 1985), and Nontaburi (1983 to 1985).

  • d NR, not recorded.