Sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive value obtained for the different anti-Chlamydia antibody assays and their combinationsa

Isotype(s) consideredSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)+PVb (%)−PVb (%)
Serum antibodies
    IgG anti-MOMP79586573
    IgA anti-MOMP53635957
    IgG anti-LPS89426180
    IgA anti-LPS68586265
    IgG and/or IgA anti-MOMP or anti-LPS1002156100
Synovial fluid antibodies
    IgG anti-MOMP77808373
    IgA anti-MOMP46908656
    IgG anti-LPS85707978
    IgA anti-LPS62506250
    IgG and/or IgA anti-MOMP or anti-LPS1004068100
  • a Data are from reference 17.

  • b +PV and −PV, positive and negative predictive values, respectively.