Barriers to HCW adherence to infection control guidelines for CF patients

BarriersaExamples of reasons cited by HCWs for nonadherence
KnowledgeLack of awareness of or familiarity with guideline
Lack of time to review the guidelines
Lack of understanding of the mode of transmission of pathogens and effective measures to interrupt transmission
AttitudeLack of agreement with guidelines in general
Lack of understanding or belief that the recommended practices are effective or applicable to every institution
    Patient factorsAdverse psychosocial impact on patients
Concern that use of gloves, masks, and gowns:
    Impersonalize care
    Increase patient anxiety
    Decrease the frequency of HCW-patient contact
    Guideline factorInconvenient to don appropriate barrier protection (e.g., gloves and gowns)
    Environmental factorsLack of time to implement the guideline
Cost of supplies
Lack of support from health care leaders and administrators
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