Effective methods to disinfect respiratory equipment in the homea

Disinfection methodRecommended duration
Immerse in one of the followingb (118, 170):
    1:50 dilution of 5.25-6.15% sodium hypochlorite (household bleach)3 min
    70-90% ethyl or isopropyl alcohol5 min
    3% hydrogen peroxide30 min
Boil in water (171)5 min
Use a standard-cycle dishwasher (32, 81, 169)30 min at >158°F (70°C)
Use a home microwave (2.45 Ghz) (165, 166, 175)5 min
  • a Must be permissible by the manufacturer.

  • b These preparations lose activity with time, but the optimal storage time is unknown. For example, chlorine preparations have a 50% reduction in activity after 30 days (D. Weber and W. Rutala, personal communication).