Mycoplasmas isolated from humansa

OrganismPrimary site of colonizationRole in diseasebReference(s)
Respiratory tractGenitourinary tract
Acholeplasma laidlawii +No 119
Mycoplasma buccale +No 154
Mycoplasma faucium +No 154
Mycoplasma fermentans ++Yes? 118
Mycoplasma hominis +Yes 118
Mycoplasma genitalium +Yes 423
Mycoplasma lipophilum +No 100
Mycoplasma orale +No 409
Mycoplasma pirum ??No 101
Mycoplasma penetrans +? 270
Mycoplasma primatum ++No 99
Mycoplasma salivarium +No 118
Mycoplasma pneumoniae +Yes 68
Mycoplasma spermatophilum +No 186
Ureaplasma urealyticum +Yes 350, 376
Ureaplasma parvum +Yes 350, 376
  • a The organisms shown in this table represent those species that have been shown to occur in humans, with humans as their primary host. This listing excludes occasional isolates and those known to be primarily of animal origin that have been recovered from humans in isolated instances, usually in association with immunocompromise.

  • b In immunocompetent persons.