Common mammalian cyclooxygenase products and their functionsa

NameReceptorCellular TargetFunction
PGD2DP1Lung epithelial cellMediates allergic asthma
DP2CD4+ T cellPolarizes cell towards Th2 phenotype, initiates chemotaxis
PGE2EP1Spinal neuronsPain response
Smooth muscleContraction of muscle
EP2Ovarian cellsMaturation for ovulation
PlacentaRelaxation of muscle
EP3NeuronsFever generation
StomachInhibition of gastric acid secretion
EP4OsteoclastBone resorption
EP2, EP4Lung cellsPolarization of T helper cells towards Th2 phenotype, downregulation of macrophage activity, regulation of inflammation, antiproliferative effects
PGFFPUterine smooth muscleContraction, parturition
PGI2IPVascular smooth muscleVasodilation
15-Deoxy-Δ-12,14-PGJ2PPARγMacrophageInhibition of activition and effector function and antiproliferative effects
TXA2TPβVascular smooth muscle cellVasoconstriction
  • a Adapted from Funk et al., 2001 (40, 87).