EPEC virulence genes

GeneAlternative or previous nameFunctionReference(s)
bfpA BFP biogenesis, major pilus subunit—bundlin40
bfpB BFP biogenesis, outer membrane140, 155
bfpC BFP biogenesis, inner membrane140
bfpD BFP biogenesis162, 168
bfpE BFP biogenesis, inner membrane scaffold and transporter15, 140
bfpF Required for dissociation of BFP bundles7, 14
bfpG BFP biogenesis, outer membrane140
bfpH Function unknown162, 168
bfpI BFP biogenesis, inner membrane140
bfpJ BFP biogenesis, inner membrane140
bfpK BFP biogenesis, inner membrane140
bfpL BFP biogenesis, inner membrane140
bfpU BFP biogenesis, periplasmic140, 156
bfpP BFP biogenesis, prepilin peptidase193
bfpT perA Regulator of bfp and ler72, 162, 177
bftV perB Accessory factor for PerA72, 177
bfpW perC Accessory factor for PerA72, 177
escC sepC TTSS biogenesis49
escD sepE TTSS biogenesis49
escF orf28 TTSS biogenesis, needle component158, 188
escJ sepD TTSS biogenesis49
escN sepB TTSS biogenesis49
escR sepI TTSS biogenesis49
escS sepH TTSS biogenesis49
escT sepG TTSS biogenesis49
escU sepF TTSS biogenesis49
escV sepA TTSS biogenesis49
sepQ TTSS biogenesis49
sepZ TTSS biogenesis49
eae eaeA Adhesin binds Tir—intimin90
tir Translocated intimin receptor; initiates actin pedestal formation103
espA Forms filaments between bacteria and host; delivery of effector molecules57, 107
espB eaeB Translocation pore; host cytosolic effector(?)57, 88, 174
espD Translocation pore57, 88
espF orf30 Disrupts tight-junction integrity; induces cell death31, 121
espG rorf2 Effector molecule (function unknown)46
map orf19 Damages mitochondria membrane integrity; induces filopodia formation94, 99, 102
ler orf1 Regulator for LEE genes and espC48
cesD sepE Chaperone for EspB and EspD184
cesT orf21 Chaperone for Tir36
cesF rorf10 Chaperone for EspF47