Antigens found in Malassezia

Antigen typeMol mass (kDa)% of patients’ sera bindingaDisease% of healthy subjects’ sera bindingReferenceSource of antigenOther informationg
Major950AD0200P. ovaleeLarge nonprotein moiety
73AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
1373AD0204P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
14.285AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
15b85AD0200P. ovaleeLarge nonprotein moiety
85AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
15.553AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
1759AD0204P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
1966AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
20b70ADNTc480M. furfur TIMM 2782Mal f 3; homology to peroxisomal membrane proteins of Candida and Aspergillus
21b72ADNT480M. furfur TIMM 2782Mal f 2; homology to peroxisomal membrane proteins of Candida and Aspergillus
23b63AD0385P. ovalee
25b65AD4200P. ovalee
2858AD0204P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
62AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
3583AD0320M. furfur TIMM 2782Mal f 4
90SD20292P. orbiculare
37b70AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132Mal f 1 (388); membrane or secreted cell wall protein
NSdAD0388M. furfur ATCC 42132
40b58AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
4685AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
70ADf0230M. globosa NUM 6006Glycoprotein (230, 489)
52–5475AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
5853AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
6567SD25399M. furfur
66100“Atopic”0292P. orbiculare
6786AD0204P. orbiculare ATCC 42132Protein (488). Expressed only on cell surface (487)
71AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
70b100SD25399M. furfur
76b70AD0204P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
7775AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
8275AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
84b53SD0399M. furfur
8678AD0204P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
9665AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
110b60AD0312P. ovalee
120b73Psoriasisf0417P. ovale
>20060AD0312P. ovalee
Mannan77AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
Minor6<10AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
1025AD0385P. ovalee
13<10PV0204P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
<<1447AD0312P. ovalee
<1427AD0312P. ovalee
1416AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854Polysaccharide cell wall component (488)
24AD0351M. furfur ATCC 42132Mal f 9
1516AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
30AD0200P. ovaleeLarge, nonprotein moiety
1625AD0200P. ovalee
16.240AD0351M. furfur ATCC 42132Mal f 7
17.248AD0254M. furfur ATCC 42132Mal f 6; has sequence homology to cyclophilin from S. pombe
18<50AD0312P. ovalee
18.248AD0254M. furfur ATCC 42132Mal f 5; protein
19.240AD0351M. furfur ATCC 42132Mal f 8
2045AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
2143AD0204P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
13AD0385P. ovalee
2245AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
23<10AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
10AD0200P. ovalee
2423AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
48AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
2520AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
15SD0399M. furfur
<10PV0399M. furfur
2638AD0385P. ovalee
38AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
2742AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
<50AD0312P. ovalee
2918AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
3025AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
20AD4200P. ovalee
3115AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
15AD0200P. ovalee
32<10AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
3310AD8200P. ovalee
<50AD0312P. ovalee
<10PV0399M. furfur
3438AD0385P. ovalee
23AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
10AD0200P. ovalee
35b48AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
35SD0399M. furfur
<10PV0399M. furfur
3610AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
3710AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854Protein (488)
3846AD0312P. ovalee
40SD0399M. furfur
39<10AD0200P. ovalee
4042AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
41<10AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
15SD0399M. furfur
4238AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
4318AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
35SD039M. furfur
4518AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
20AD4200P. ovalee
5038AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
5230AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
5414AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
5515AD8200P. ovalee
5610AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
<10PV0399M. furfur
6010AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
6416AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
68<50AD0312P. ovalee
7015AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
71<10AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
7240AD8200P. ovalee
7342AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
10SD0399M. furfur
76<10AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
8335AD0200P. ovalee
8415PV0399M. furfur
8743AD0192P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
90<10PV0204P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
9430AD0204P. orbiculare ATCC 42132
20SD25399M. furfur
9710SD0417P. ovale
10047Psoriasis0417P. ovale
11010AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
11535AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
12020AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
12510AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
13010AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
<50AD0312P. ovalee
14027AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
15025AD0256P. ovale CBS 7854
<50AD0312P. ovalee
  • a Where exact figures were not stated in the reference, an attempt has been made from the data presented to quantify the percentage of patients’ sera binding.

  • b Also cited as a minor antigen by other workers.

  • c NT, Not tested.

  • d NS, not stated.

  • e Commercial antigen preparation made by ALK, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • f No reactivity with sera from patients with PV or SD.

  • g Information on the same line in the table relates to the reference cited on that line. Where only one reference is cited for multiple lines, the information all relates to that reference.