Studies examining the humoral immune response to Malassezia in patients with PV and controls

ReferenceSubjectsMethodAntigenic preparation and strain usedResults
4186 PV, 10 controlsIIFTape strips from PV lesions2 of 6 PV patients had higher agglutinating-antibody titers, the rest and the controls had low titers
10314 PV, 14 controlsClinical isolate of P. orbiculare
IIF    Whole cellsHigher mean titer in patients than controls (P < 0.05)
Precipitin    Ether extracted, physically disrupted, dialyzed and filter sterilizedNo antibodies detected in either patients or controls
15240 PV, 31 controlsP. orbiculare, unknown origin
Hemagglutination    Physically disrupted, shaken in phosphate buffered saline and filtered (soluble antigen)No differences in titers measured by IIF or hemagglutination between patients and controls
IIF    Whole cells
12330 PV, 22 controlsIIFWhole cells of P. orbiculare ATCC 42132No difference in titers between patients and controls
47630 PV, 30 controlsIIFWhole cells of P. orbiculare of unknown originTiters of IgG and IgM higher in patients than controls, due to higher titers in a subgroup of patients with erythematous lesions (P < 0.005)
1786 PV, 6 controlsDot blotP. ovale ATCC 14521 mechanically disrupted and shaken in phosphate-buffered saline (soluble antigen)No differences in titers of IgG or IgM between patients and controls
2510 PV, 10 controlsELISAWhole cells of M. furfur serovars A, B, and CNo significant differences in titers of Igs, IgM, IgG, IgG1–IgG4, IgA, or IgE between patients and controls
39920 PV, 10 controlsELISAM. furfur clinical isolates (oval, round and elliptical forms), dialyzed culture medium (exoantigens)Higher titers of IgG and IgM in patients; no differences in titers of IgA between patients and controls
38012 PV, 12 controlsIIFMycelia from strains Hook (M. furfur), GM 216 (M. obtusa), and 2.PV.WY (M. sympodialis), all serovar ASignificantly higher titers of IgM and IgG in patients than controls, but no difference in titers of Igs, IgA, or IgG1–IgG4 between patients and controls