Classifications of Malassezia, according to different authorsa

Pre-1986 classificationClassification according to:
Midgley, 1989 (288)Simmons and Gueho, 1990 (402)Cunningham et al., 1990 (101)Gueho et al., 1996 (167)
Pityrosporum orbiculareP. orbiculareM. furfur serovar BM. globosa
Pityrosporum ovaleP. ovale form 1M. slooffiae
P. ovale form 2M. obtusa
P. ovale form 3M. sympodialisM. furfur serovar AM. sympodialis
Malassezia furfurM. furfurM. furfur
M. furfur serovar CM. restricta
Pityrosporum pachydermatis/P. canisP. pachydermatisM. pachydermatisM. pachydermatis
  • a Names on the same line of the table are taken as being synonyms. The seven species in the right-hand column of the table are the most recent and currently accepted classification.