Identification of Abiotrophia and Granulicatella speciesa

Abiotrophia defectiva ++v+++Human
Granulicatella adiacens +++Human
Granulicatella para-adiacens +Human
Granulicatella balaenoptera +++Whale
Granulicatella elegans +++Human
  • a All strains are positive for pyrrolidonylarylamidase and leucine aminopeptidase and sensitive to vancomycin, and they show negative reactions for gas production in MRS broth, growth in 6.5% NaCl, or at 10 and 45°C. No reaction on bile-esculin medium. All strains require pyridoxal for growth and satillite around staphylococcus culture on blood agar plates. Abbreviations: Pul, Suc, Tag, Tre, acid production from pullulan, sucrose, tagatose, and trehalose broth, respectively; Hip, hydrolysis of hippurate; Arg, deamination of arginine; α-gal, production of α-galactosidase; β-glu, production of β-glucuronidase; β-gal, production of β-galactosidase; +, 85% or more of the strains positive; −, 15% or fewer of the strains positive; v, variable reactions (16 to 84% positive).