Management and outcome of 26 pregnancies complicated by preconceptional or periconceptional primary HCMV infectiona

Type of HCMV infectionNo. of women investigatedNo. (%) of pregnancies with the indicated outcomeNo. of newborns with congenital infection/no. examined (% infected)
Spontaneous abortionVoluntary abortionPrenatal diagnosisDelivery
Preconceptional10002 (20)10 (100)1/10 (10)
    Wk gestationNAbNA18-22Term
Periconceptional162 (12.5)5 (31.2)5 (31.2)9 (56.2)2c/9 (22.2)
    Wk gestation7≤1215-23Term
  • a Source: M. G. Revello, M. Zavattoni, and G. Gerna, unpublished data.

  • b NA, not applicable.

  • c One newborn was symptomatic at birth and developed mild neurologic sequelae at 6 months of age.