Incidence of congenital HCMV infection in relation to rate of maternal immunitya

Location and datebNo. of infants studied% of infants with congenital HCMV infection% of mothers with maternal immunity
Manchester, England, 19786,0510.2425
Aarhus-Viborg, Denmark, 19793,0600.452
Hamilton, Canada, 198015,2120.4244
Halifax, Canada, 19755420.5537
Birmingham, Alabama (upper SES), 19812,6980.680
Houston, Texas (upper SES), 19804610.650
London, England, 19737200.6958
Houston, Texas (low SES), 19804931.283
Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 19782,0321.38100
Sendai, Japan, 19701321.483
Santiago, Chile, 19761181.798
Helsinki, Finland, 19772002.085
Birmingham, Alabama (low SES), 19801,4122.285
  • a From Stagno et al. (265), modified and used with permission.

  • b SES, socieconomic status.