Suggested broth microdilution breakpoints for susceptibility testing of RGMa

DrugMIC (μg/ml) for category:
Recommended test drugsa
Secondary test drugse
  • a Drugs and breakpoints recommended by NCCLS document M24-T2 (218).

  • b Imipenem MICs are not reported for M. chelonae-abscessus group isolates due to lack of reproducibility.

  • c MIC end point is 80% inhibition of growth (218).

  • d Tobramycin MICs recommended to be reported only for isolates of M. chelonae.

  • e Non-NCCLS-approved mycobacterial drugs and their breakpoints. Breakpoints are those recommended for aerobic organisms in NCCLS M100-S11, 2001 (112), except those for linezolid, which were recently proposed for mycobacteria by Wallace et al. (195).