Infection control guidelines for vancomycin-resistant staphylococcia

Private roomYesYes
Gowns to enter roomYesNo
Gowns for patient contactYesYes
Antibacterial hand washing agentYesYes
Record of all health care workers entering roomYesNo
Mask and/or eye protection from aerosolsYesYes
Mupirocin for nasal colonizationYesNo
Limit number of health care workers caring for patientYesYes
Nares cultures for all health care workers who entered roomYesYes
Health care workers at high risk for staphylococcal colonization should not care for patientYesNo
Isolation for duration of hospital stayYesNo
Environmental cultures after terminal room cleaningYesOptional
Isolation on readmission until nares and previously infected, open sites are staphylococcus negativeYesNo
Close unit to new admissions if nosocomial transmission occursYesNo
All specimens carried to laboratory (no pneumatic tubes)YesNo
When possible, postpone tests that require patient to leave roomYesNo
Post staff at doorway to ensure compliance with precautionsYesNo
  • a Adapted from reference 81 with permission of the publisher.

  • b MCV, Medical College of Virginia.