Summary of in vitro studies that examined reduced susceptibility to vancomycin among coagulase-negative staphylococci

ReferenceLocationStudy designNo. of isolates tested% of isolates for which MIC of vancomycin was >4 μg/ml (resistant species [if reported])Susceptibility testing method(s)
Henwood et al. (32)EnglandMulticenter7690.5E test
Santos Sanches et al. (56)WorldwideMulticenter1,3510.07
Luh et al. (40)TaiwanSingle center4055.0 (S. epidermidis, S. haemolyticus, S. simulans, and others)Agar dilution
de Neeling et al. (19)The NetherlandsMulticenter7,3340.4%Agar dilution
Felmingham et al. (23)EuropeMulticenter1,4440.2 (S. haemolyticus)Agar dilution
Gruneberg et al. (29)EuropeMulticenter1,4800.03Agar dilution
Herwaldt et al. (33)IowaSingle center280.04 (S. haemolyticus)Agar and broth dilution
Goldstein et al. (28)FranceSingle center3620.03Agar dilution
Froggatt et al. (25)VirginiaSingle center7042 (S. haemolyticus)Agar dilution