VISA cases in the United States

State and yr (reference)SourceUnderlying illness(es)Vancomycin exposure (wk)
Michigan, 1997 (67)Peritoneal fluidRenal failure, MRSA peritonitis, cancer18
New Jersey, 1997 (67)BloodAcute renal failure, MRSA bacteremia18
New York, 1998 (53)BloodRenal failure, MRSA bacteremia6
Illinois, 1999 (15)BloodRenal failure, MRSA endocarditis3.5
Minnesota, 2000 (24)BloodRenal failure, MRSA osteomyelitis18
Nevada, 2000 (24)Abscess fluidComplicated cholecystectomy with polymicrobial intrahepatic abscess (including MRSA)10
Maryland, 2000BloodMRSA endocarditis, psoriasis, sleep apnea14