In vitro culture of microsporidia that infect economically important insects and fish

MicrosporidianHostCell culture systemReference
Nosema bombycis Silk worm (Bombyx mori) B. mori ovarian tissue 41
Nosema apis Honey bee (Apis mellifera) Aedes mellifera midgut explants 22
Ameson michaelis Blue crab (Cancer sapidus)Blue crab hemocytes, mouse macrophages, and others 22
Brachiola (Nosema) algeraeMosquitoesWide variety of cells, including pig kidney, rat brain, and insect cell lines such as TN368, ATC15, DMI, and MOS55 22
Vavraia culiceis MosquitoesInsect cell line IZD-Mb-0503 22