Table 2.

Signs and symptoms in patients with Whipple's disease

Gastrointestinal% of casesExtraintestinal% of cases
Common Common
 Weight loss 80–90 Arthralgias, arthritis 70–90
 Diarrhea70–85  Anemia 75–90
 Abdominal pain 50–90 Low grade intermittent fever 40–60
 Lymphadenopathy 40–60
 Hyperpigmentation 40–60
Less commonLess common
 Abdominal mass 15–25  Cardiac35–65
 Hematochezia   Pericardial friction rub
  Nonspecific ECG changes
 Pulmonary 35–60
  Chronic cough (20%)a
  Pleuritic pain
 CNS 20–30
  Cognitive changes (71%)b
  Supranuclear gaze palsy (51%)b
  Altered level of consciousness (50%)b
  Hypothalamic manifestations (31%)b
  Myoclonus (25%)b
  Ataxia (20%)b
  OMM or OFSM (20%)b
  Sensory deficits (12%)b
  Visual changes or loss
 Splenomegaly 5–10
 Ascites 5–10
  • a Frequency in patients with pulmonary manifestations.

  • b Frequency in patients with CNS manifestations.