Table 5.

vsp gene families of genotype A-1 G. lamblia

Relatedvsp geneaComparison to prototypeChromosomal locationCommentsReference(s)
vspA64About 21 copies of a 195-bp repeat9
vspA6-S1>90% sequence identity throughout the gene41+ copies of same 195-bp repeat237, 357
vspA6-S275–91% identity5Four copies of a 201-bp repeat 75% identical to the 195-bp repeat357
vsp1267Two identical convergent copies 3 kb apart235
vspC5526 copies of a 105-bp repeat355, 358
vspC5-S1>96% identity at the 5′ region followed by abrupt divergence4Partial copy of one repeat355
vspC5-S2>96% identity at the 5′ region followed by abrupt divergence5Partial copy of one repeat355
vspC5-S3Cross-hybridization to 5′ region5355
vspC5-S4Cross-hybridization to 5′ region5355
TSA417 (vsp417-1)112
vsp417-2 (Tsp 11)Regions of 55–90% identity over much of the gene91
vsp417-457–58% identity to vsp417-1and vsp417-288
CRP1361/22May be telomeric in location; 23 copies of a 120-bp repeat51, 330
 CRP6586–96% identity in nonrepeat region1/22Four copies of a 228-bp repeat52
  • a The prototype vsp genes are in bold and the related vsp genes are indented.

  • b Reported as being on chromosome 3, but probably on chromosome 1 or 2; see the section on genome structure.