Table 5.

Examples of isolates comprising Helicobactersp. flexispira

SourceStrainOther designationsGenBank 16S rRNA accession no.Reference
47-year-old-man with diarrhea (case 1)ATCC 43879CCUG 23435, SLH-38264, LMG 8738, NADC 1937M88138337
16-yr-old asymptomatic girl (case 1)ATCC 49309NADC 1939NAa337
5-mo-old puppy (case 1)ATCC 49308NADC 1938NA337
40-yr-old man with diarrhea (case 2)ATCC 43880SLH-14020, LMG 8457NA337
Aborted sheep fetusATCC 43966NADC 1893M88137230
Canine fecesATCC 49317NADC2016AF047851C.E. Gates and C. A. Kirkbride, unpublished
Mouse fecesDBS59L12765346
9-yr-old girl with bacteremia and pneumoniaFH 9702248AF034135391
65-yr-old immunocompromised man with bacteremiaH1353AF118017373
36-yr-old immunocompromised man with recurrent bacteremiaCDC-H69AF118807420
  • a NA, not available.