Table 2.

Characteristics of cultivated Helicobacterspeciesa,b

TaxonCatalase productionNitrate reductionAlkaline phosphatase hydrolysisUrease productionIndoxyl acetate hydrolysisγ-Glutamyl transferase productionGrowth at 42°CGrowth with 1% glycineSusceptibility to:Periplasmic fibersNo. of flagellaDistribution of flagellaG+C content (mol%)
Nalidixic acid (30-μg disk)Cephalothin (30-μg disk)
 H. mustelae +++++++SR4–8Peritrichous36
 H. pylori ++++RS4–8Bipolar39
 H. bizzozeronii +++++++RS10–20BipolarND
 H. felis ++++++RS+14–20Bipolar42
 H. acinonychis ++++RS2–5Bipolar30
 H. nemestrinae c +++ND+RS4–8Bipolar24
 H. salomonis +++++NDNDRS10–23BipolarND
 H. suncus ++++NDNDRR2BipolarND
 H. rodentium ++++RR2BipolarND
 H. pullorum ++ND+NDRS1Monopolar34–35
 “H. canadensis+V+++RR1–2BipolarND
 H. fennelliae ++++SS2Bipolar35
 H. trogontum +++ND++NDRR+5–7BipolarND
 H. muridarum +++++RR+10–14Bipolar34
 H. hepaticus ++ND++ND+RR2BipolarND
 H. canis ++ND+NDSI2Bipolar48
 H. bilis ++ND+ND++RR+ 3–14BipolarND
 H. cinaedi +++SI1–2Bipolar37–38
 “Helicobacter sp. flexispira”++ND++RR+10–20Bipolar34
 H. cholecystus +++++IR1–3MonopolarND
 “H. typhlonicus+++NDND2BipolarND
 “H. mesocricetorum+++ND+SR1BipolarND
 H. pametensis +++++SS2Bipolar38
 “Helicobacter westmeadii++++NDNDNDSR1MonopolarND
 Helicobacter sp. cotton top+++++++SR2Bipolar31
 “Helicobacter mainz+NDNDRSNDNDNDND
  • a Adapted from reference151 with permission from the publisher.

  • b +, positive reaction; −, negative reaction; S, susceptible; R, resistant; I, intermediate; ND, not determined; V, variable.

  • c Unpublished data suggest that H. nemestrinae may be identical to H. pylori (see the text).