Table 1.

Gastric Helicobacter taxa

TaxonNatural hostStrain or cloneGenBank 16S rRNA accession no.Reference
H. acinonychisCheetahATCC 51101TM8814897
H. bizzozeroniDogATCC 700030TY09404195
Candidatus Helicobacter bovisCattleClone R2XAAF12702771
H. felisCat, dogATCC 49179TM37642319
H. heilmanniiaHuman, nonhuman primateaClone G1A1L10079371
Candidatus Helicobacter suisPigClone V2BXAAF12702870
H. mustelaeFerretATCC 43772TM35048180
H. nemestrinaebPigtailed macaqueATCC 49396TX6785442
H. pyloriHuman, rhesus macaqueATCC 43504TM88157180
H. salomonisDogCCUG37845TU89351219
H. suncusHouse musk shrewKaz-1AB006147182
  • a Probably identical toCandidatus Helicobacter suis. Bacteria with the 16S rRNA sequence present in “H. heilmannii” type 1 have to date been identified in humans, pigs, and nonhuman primates, although the host range is probably more extensive. Other hosts have organisms with the “H. heilmannii” morphology that may represent H. bizzozeronii or otherHelicobacter species not yet identified.

  • b Unpublished data suggest that H. nemestrinae may be identical to H. pylori (see the text).