Table 8.

Numbers of reported cases of laboratory-acquired parasitic infections caused by blood and tissue protozoa, by decade of occurrence (if known) or publicationa

DecadeNo. of cases of infection with:Total no. (% of 164; % of 121b)
Leishmania spp. (n = 12)Plasmodium spp. (n = 34)Toxoplasma gondii (n = 47)Trypanosoma cruzi (n = 65)Trypanosoma brucei subspp. (n = 6)
1920s010001 (0.6; 0.8)
1930s100102 (1.2; 1.7)
1940s104005 (3.0; 4.1)
1950s04180022 (13.4; 18.2)
1960s0797023 (14.0; 19.0)
1970s0873119 (11.6; 15.7)
1980s7964228 (17.1; 23.1)
1990s3438321 (12.8; 17.4)
Unknown01042c 043 (26.2; NAd)
  • a The data represent cases, not rates, and do not account for the numbers of laboratorians at risk during the various periods. For 29 (24.0%) of the 121 cases for which the decade is provided in the table, the data are based on the decade of publication because the decade of occurrence was not known or specified. A total of 164 cases are included in the table.

  • b Percentages are also provided using the number of cases with available data as the denominator.

  • c Brener did not provide data for most of the cases that he tallied in his articles (22; Z. Brener, Letter, Trans. R. Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg. 81:527, 1987).

  • d NA, not applicable.