Table 18.

Characteristics of the reported cases of laboratory-acquired infection with Trypanosoma bruceisubspp.a

CharacteristicNo (%) of cases (n = 6)
T. brucei gambiense 4 (66.7)
T. brucei rhodesiense 2 (33.3)
Decade of occurrence (if known) or publication
 1970s1 (16.7)
 1980s2 (33.3)
 1990s3 (50.0)
Country or region of occurrence
 Europe5 (83.3)
 Africa1 (16.7)
Route of exposure
 Parenteral5 (83.3)
 Nonintact skin1 (16.7)b
Clinical manifestations
 Symptomatic cases6 (100)
 Fatal cases0
  • a The median incubation period was 7 days (range, 1 to 8 days) for infections due to all exposures and 7 days (range, 1 to 8 days) for the subset of infections due to parenteral exposures (five of the six infections were due to parenteral exposures).

  • b The laboratorian did not recall a discrete accident (see the text and references 76 and 146).